Chandys Home Maintenance Services

At Chandys Home Maintenance Services we feel it is important to provide easy access to our various services.
We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with


By partnering with Home Advisor, Our customers old and new can have a new avenue to reach us.
Other ways are still in place
• Calling direct 520-254-3413
• Thru Our Face Book page
• Our Web Site ChandysHMS
• By Email Mail ChandysHMS or Mail ChandysHMS

Remember, Your Home or Business is a “Living Breathing Structure”….. It NEEDS Loving Too.
The weather is warming up and Now is a good time to walk around your house or business to look for any maintenance that is needed. On the Facebook page there is a post with a link to some good Spring Tips to look for. As always you can contact us, set up a time and we can do the walk around with you.
Give Us a call or contact us if we can Help in any way.

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